Types Of Business Technology Used In Business Process Management


The term “business technology” as commonly used these days refers to all technical technology which assists an organization to run its business processes and operations. Whatever its application, this technology has to be managed efficiently.

It is also imperative to keep the business technology in the best possible working order so that it does not hamper or hinder the smooth functioning of the organization. In addition, the quality of business technology used by an organization will reflect on the organization’s quality and efficiency. Business technology has evolved significantly from the day when people first began to use computers and the Internet. Today, various types of business technologies are used to increase business efficiency. Here are some of the commonly used business technology:

A computer is the most important tool in a business for managing all the functions of the business. One can do almost anything with a computer including taking phone calls, printing information and even doing email. A computer and Internet are essential elements in the smooth running of the business. Computer software like Windows and Word can be programmed to make an organization more efficient. Software like Microsoft Word has an advanced function which automatically saves data in files.

Online shopping has created a world of electronic commerce systems. This system involves different types of networks including merchant accounts, payment gateways, online payment gateways and e-commerce sites. Merchant accounts are the main source for collecting funds from customers for the purchase of products. Payment gateways to transfer funds to a customer’s account once a purchase is made. There are different types of e-commerce sites, like web sites and blogs.

Internet access is one of the most important things in business processes because it enables employees to do their jobs easily. This is important because employees are responsible for maintaining an organization’s website, which is also used for the purpose of advertising. Employees can also use the Internet to perform jobs which are not within the scope of their skills. It is therefore important to make use of Internet technology to avoid unnecessary delays in performing tasks. An example of such a delay is a delay in providing customer service. Some organizations use fax machines instead of email for correspondence. Computer software like Office Suite, which allows users to print documents has also given them an edge over other organizations.

Business process management software is also one of the most important forms of business technology. This type of software allows organizations to maintain a business’ inventory, order processing, billing and finance. management functions. Business process management software can be installed directly in an organization or can be purchased separately for running the software.